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Barum Conclave No. 380

The first 20 years


During 1993 initial meetings of the Founders took place at the house of Wy. Bro. Peter Squires in Tiverton. All those present will always remember with affection the gracious hospitality afforded to us by Peter and his good Lady.


In order to enable Bros. J. Gregory, W. Passmore, and W. Lothmann to become founders, all three were inducted into the Order by Unity Conclave in Crediton.


The date for the Consecration was set for Saturday, 30th of October 1993. The Consecration Meeting was attended by 46 brethren.


The Consecration team consisted of:

The Founders were installed and invested in the following offices:

R.Wy. Bro. Tommy Trend – PGSR

    Wy. Bro. Derek Mortimore – DPGSR

     Wy. Bro D. Hartley – Counsellor

     Wy.Bro. R. Babbage – Guide

V. Wy. Bro. Major M. Tapeley – Chaplain

R.Wy. Bro. G. Doidge – Recorder

V. Wy. Bro. K. Jackson – Director of Ceremonies

    Wy. Bro. B. Varcoe – Visitor

    Wy. Bro. A. King – Visitor

    Wy. Bro. J. Vaughan – Visitor

    Wy. Bro. S. Blewett  – Visitor

V. Wy. Bro. P. Hawken – Assistant Director of Ceremonies

   Wy. Bro. B. Craddock – Assistant Recorder

V. Wy. Bro. D. Calderley - Organist

     Wy. Bro. H. Cunningham – Guarder

     Wy. Bro. R. Walker – Sentinel

W. Bro. D. Bryant – Supreme Ruler

      Bro. M. Riley – Cousellor

      Bro. P. Squires – Guide

Wy. Bro. R. Webber – Immediate Past Supreme Ruler

Wy. Bro. D. Jenkins - Treasurer

Wy. Bro. M. Clarke - Secretary

Wy. Bro. P. Clarke - Chaplain

Wy. Bro. P. Boice – Director of Ceremonies

       Bro. B. Tyacke – 1st Visiting Deacon

       Bro. W. Lothmann– 2nd Visiting Deacon

       Bro. W. Passmore – 3rd Visiting Deacon

      Bro. J. Gregory – 4th Visiting Deacon

      Bro. P. Barker – Scroll Bearer

Wy. Bro. J. Hardy – Assistant Director of Ceremonies

      Bro. A. Vickery – Guarder

Wy. Bro. R. Gunn – Sentinel

The first regular meeting of the newly consecrated Conclave was held on the 26th of January1994. The following brethren were inducted:

P. Darville, A. Palmer, R. Guest and I Harper.

By virtue of a dispensation granted by the M. Wy. Grand Supreme Ruler, Colonel Geoffrey Seymore Hamilton Dicker, the newly inducted Brethren were then admitted to the Princes’ Degree on the same day.


At the meeting held on the 28th of September 1998, R.Wy. Bro. T. Trend, the Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler, took the chair and duly dedicated the new banner for the service of the Conclave.


In 2002, the Provincial Grand Conclave was held under the banner of Barum Conclave. 


At the meeting held on the 23rd of January 2008, R.Wy. Bro. B. Pepperell, the Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler, took the chair and declared the Provincial Grand Conclave open. The following members of Barum Conclave were among the Provincial Officers:

 Wy.Bro. R. Sidey – Pr.G. Counsellor

 Wy.Bro. D. Dobson – Pr.G. Visitor

 Wy. Bro. A. Barker - Pr.G. Visitor

The new provincial banner was then duly dedicated. In conclusion, the dedicating officer stated: ‘On behalf of the M.Wy. Grand Supreme Ruler and in the name of the Almighty Friend of all Friends, I now dedicate and set apart  the Provincial Grand Standard that it may be to the brethren of this Provincial Grand Conclave a sign of loyalty and unity. May it always serve to inspire them to even greater service of God, to the Order and to each other.’


During the first 20 years of its existence, Barum Conclave has truly established itself in the Province and has been able to attract the largest membership of any Conclave in the Province and has so far inducted 49 brethren into the Order.


May the Friend of all Friends grant, that the Conclave will continue to grow from strength to strength!


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