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Grand Supreme Ruler

M. Wy. Bro. Andrew Christopher Sweeney

Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler

R. Wy. Bro. John Whitfield

Deputy Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler

Wy. Bro. Adrian (Solas) Garrity P.G.Stwd.


This Order is based on the Biblical Story of David and Jonathan and its members are encouraged to put into practice one of the main principals of Craft Masonry, i.e. Brotherly Love.

There are three Degrees in the Order and Candidates, who MUST be Master Masons, are Inducted into the first and then admitted to the second or Prince's Degree. The third degree is the chair of Supreme Ruler.
In each Conclave there are four Deacons known as Visiting Deacons, these are each responsible for a quarter of the Conclave membership and are required to be in contact with their charges between meetings. They are then required to give a report at the next meeting on any member who is absent.
The regalia consists of a jewel, 1st Degree supplied by Conclave, and another jewel for the 2nd Degree purchased by the Candidate.


If you would like further information please contact our Provincial Grand Recorder:-
Roger B. Smith; 5, Woodlands Park, Tedburn St Mary, Exeter, EX6 6AE



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